Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Episode 9: A Vote For The CAM Is A Vote For Hitler

We get super side tracked and junk on this episode and make crazy comparisons.  We speculate on the new Rhino and get some of it right based on the new video released today of it firing.


  1. I found you a full list of the top 10 dubious toys, from Time! It was Mattel who made your excellent broom. The rhino fire has already been likened to a cow artificial insemination device.....,28804,1927306_1927313_1927329,00.html

    1. The crow thing has me worried. Why are we artificially inseminating crows in the first place, dont we have enough? None the less, thank you for your works.

  2. Yup, zit cream, weight loss, Nerf box art.

    All fake! Hah!